Comfortable Eyewear.

Kaffeine Eyewear is not your usual fashion glasses.

We are a luxurious Korean house brand started by an optician who worked in the optical business for over 30 years.

Kaffeine started off in the vast plains of Jeju Island in South Korea.

Using Italian-made high-end material Mazzucchelli, ultra-light titanium and beta titanium, an array of quality glasses are presented each year with a unique and differentiated design. Such high-quality designs have been approved and recommended by the opticians around the world.

In addition, Kaffeine Eyewear has insisted on production in the factories that produce world-class eyewear products for the production of quality eyewear that is fashionable and comfortable. 

Every essence of the island is encompassed within our Kaffeine Eyewear frames. See through the glasses and find yourself traveling through the breezy island of Jeju. 

Brought to you from Jeju Island.