A high quality eyewear frame is sturdy and durable yet comfortable and stylish.


Material Specification : Frames

  1. Titanium and Beta-Titanium

All metallic parts of Kaffeine eyewear are made up of titanium or beta-titanium.

Titanium is highly life-friendly that it is often used as one of the components of artificial joints. It is resistant to sweat and salinity and does not cause irritation to the skin. Furthermore, it is much lighter compared to other metals making it a perfect material for a comfortable eyewear. Premium frames are mainly made of pure titanium and beta-titanium. Pure titanium is solid and beta titanium is elastic hence the latter is mainly used to make the temples of the eyewear.

  1. Acetate

Acetate is not an economical material like plastic that is made of petroleum. Wood, cotton and other plant fiber is dissolved in acetic acid, dried into an acetate plate and is cut and trimmed to make a premium eyewear frame. As it is not a petroleum-based compound, it is harmless to the human body and is heat-resistant. Moreover, the custom acetate Windsor Rim & Inner Rim used for Kaffeine eyewear is produced by an Italian brand Aurochim and is accompanied by a warranty that it is a genuine product formally imported through H2CDesign.

After using the product at the beach or for long period of time, it is best to wash it with water and dry it for subsequent use.


Material Specification : Sunglass lens

All the sunglass lens used for Kaffeine eyewear is CR-39 lens. As a type of plastic, it is light and can be tinted easily. It is more durable than glass and the level of light transmittance (sharpness of image) is very high. It is optically superior and the Abbe number (measurement of the quality of optics of a lens material) of the lens is high, making your vision fresh and clear. All our lens are 100% UV protected, preventing eye damage by blocking ultraviolet rays, harmful to human body. Our sunglasses fitted with the lens with excellent precision and clarity that is also light weight, are highly suited for daily use.