Kaffeine SG




This party essential frame is the highlight of the 18 S/S collection. As a perfect accessory to complete your festival look, it is a stylish sunglass to beat the heat. With the tinted and non-tinted variation, your will definitely find one that suits your needs. 

Material Specification

C1 Gold
Frame: Titanium Gold

C2 Black
Frame: Titanium Black

C3 Gray
Frame: Titanium Silver

T1 Clear
Frame: Titanium Gold

T2 Pink
Frame: Titanium Black

T3 Blue
Frame: Titanium Silver



Product No.: 10170076 (C1), 10170109 (C2), 10170110 (C3), 10170111 (T1), 

10170112 (T2), 10170113 (T3)

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